Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Back to School 2022-23

It was a big year for back to school. Both girls were starting new schools and moving up to bigger campuses and classes. Gemma was starting Middle School at LosCerritos, where Lily went before covid. She was excited and a bit nervous. They held back to school orientation where you got your books and schedule as well as Leopard Day to get comfortable on campus. 


Lily spent two weeks at the end of summer in Band Camp for Marching Band. They were exhausted and hot at the end of each day. It was not exactly enjoyable but she made some new friends and got used to the campus. They even put on a parents performance on the Friday night at the end of camp.

Lily got her class schedule the Monday before school started so we went to campus to find all her classrooms. She had already gotten her books and locker at orientation day. 

The day before school started we went to LC to decorate Gemma's locker. She used wrapping paper on the walls and lots of photos and accessories. It turned out really cute.

After locker decorating we went to lunch with Liv, Kerri and the Justices. 
Summer went by in a blur and it was already the first day of school. We managed to get up and ready in time for a few quick photos. All the school start times are different so we have a whole new routine to get used to. 
New backpack and lunch bag for Gemma.

Lily didn't need a new backpack but she got a new lunch bag and new shoes. They both get to wear "free dress" for the first time since uniforms. It was the best part of back to school, getting new clothes.

We dropped Gemma off first. Her school got a huge face lift in the last year and looks really nice now. No longer nicknamed the prison school.
Liv and Gemma are still Best Friends. They got all the same classes together this year which was really lucky. 

Ravelle is in 7th grade. The girls are so happy to be back together on the same campus. They have been eating lunch together every day.
The principal Mr Klinger is always out front on the first day. He does a great job of embarrassing the kids with a photo op and also keeping the weeping parents off campus property. 

We had to rush off to go get Lily to school on time. No photos on campus for her. You can't let the parents get out of the car and embarrass you.

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